Filter and Antenna Design

Elliptika has a state of the art knowledge in designing filters and antennas.
Elliptika studies, designs and develops microwave passive components, mainly dedicated to specific applications or custom-made filters and antennas.
Our mission is to facilitate their integration in the clients' systems. Filters and antennas are absolutely necessary devices in communication systems.
Indeed, they are present everywhere: for example, in GPS navigation systems for cars, mobile phones, but also in telecommunications to receive digital TV, detection or air control radars.
In any of these applications, being innovative in the design of the filter and antenna of concern is a must!.

This is why, a custom-made development is required. That is what we offer.

Goal: Development from specification to design layout : approval of the performances through simulations
Results after our intervention: provision of filter/antenna layout at the expected file format
The stakes: development of original and novel products, enhancement of your's system performances.