Company Profile


A brief history

historyElliptika was founded in February 2008 by five PhDs in Brest, France. Spin-off issued from an academic lab, Elliptika is aimed at developing, on request, original, innovating and powerful microwave solutions meeting as well as possible the client’s expectations (contractors, large companies, small– and medium-sized firms) while satisfying the most difficult specifications.

 Innovation, in the EM engineering industry, is at the heart of our business model. Thats is why R&D  is our main driving force. Our company is composed of graduated PhDs specialised in the field of microwave systems. The experience and knowledge built up over the past ten years by the staff are used by Elliptika to assist customers through contract work. Our corporate culture, like our products, is creative, vibrant, and cutting edge. We are committed to encouraging creativity through an exciting, challenging environment in which individuals excel and grow. Talented employees and an active learning environment are the keys to our success.

 Besides the focus on the RF et microwave design, Elliptika provides didactic kits for education. They are dedicated to students in electronics and the teaching staff. The scope of these educational kits are microstrip devices (active, passive and antenna devices). EDUCTIKA allows one to build either entirely, or partially, microwave functions from basic puzzle elements. This very complete puzzle game consists of microstrip line sections identified from their impedance and length, and linked on a magnetic plate by a connecting item.

Our missions

- To design & develop turn key solutions.
- To facilitate integration of microwave filters and antennas in our
client’s equiments
- To assist our customers in getting the most out of  filter & antenna.
- To sustain and reinforce Elliptika's position as a leading designer of customised solutions.
- To provide didactic tools for students, engineers, researchers and lecturers in the education and hi-tech microwave design fields.

Our customers

Our customers are researchers and engineers working for leading technical enterprises, research labs, and universities. Our services and products help them design and develop better products. Our customers make aircrafts safer, they enhance the reception to our cell phones and TV,and they educate the next generation of scientists.


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